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How to make a lounge cosy and warm ?


The central living room of the home, the lounge is a shared space where we like to entertain guests. To create a warm inviting atmosphere in this space, here are a few tips for a perfect set-up.

What color should a cosy lounge be ?

To design a welcoming, beautiful lounge, the best thing is to show off natural materials such as a natural wood parquet floor as would be typical in a Parisian apartment or country house, or also the exposed brick or stone of a loft. This environment will give off calming vibes naturally which are echoed by wallpaper or wall paint. To set up your lounge with a cocooning ambiance, it is advisable to favour a palette of light, neutral colours such a off-white, taupe or light grey. It is better to avoid white walls, which can look bland. A few touches of brighter shades such as terracotta red or spice yellow will bring warmth to it all.

Trends in interior décor are for pastel hues. Old rose, sky blue or an ochre shade can highlight the room. Green shades which symbolise plant colours and a return to nature are very popular. A pine green or very soft moss green are the ones to choose. These warm colours offer a peaceful framework. It is better to avoid bright shades which would usually be seen in a un modern living room. Equally, the combination of black and white, while it indicates the spirit of a very urban contemporary lounge, can also risk giving off a feeling of coldness as opposed to the desired effect.

How to decorate a cosy lounge ?

Creating a cosy lounge means designing a relaxing space where everyone comes to get revitalised. The first instinct, whatever the size of the room, is to let in natural light, an essential condition for a zen-filled environment. The most important thing is to not clutter the room so that air may circulate as much as possible and light be allowed in, a comfortable armchair remains the first thing to add in such places. Ideally, furniture should be in simple shapes with pared-down lines. Rather than a rustic dresser or a heavy cupboard, we should choose wall shelving, an open bookcase or a glass-fronted sideboard.

Also, in the living room space, seating should be comfortable to feel relaxed, but here too, large or heavy sofas and chairs should be avoided. Choose instead a trendy velvet bench seat or a corner sectional perfect setting up a small living room. For a warm ambiance, invest in delicate, natural fabrics such as pure cotton or linen. Seats made from wicker or cane furniture have come back into fashion in recent years. In addition, to offer a perfectly comfortable relaxing space while also providing aesthetics, it is recommended to choose a lounge armchair.Ideal for relaxing, this seat also has a chic look. There again, the colour choice will be crucial. Dark, delicate tones or warm colours are the ones to choose. To brighten up the whole room, you can bring in a light wood coffee table or a designer one with a pared-down metal structure.

set up a small living room

Our decorating ideas for a cosy lounge

To transform your interior into a true cocoon of softness, cosy décor could be inspired by the hygge trend - this art of living from Scandinavian countries centred on well-being. Scandinavian style firstly requires light-filled rooms. Delicate voile or fluid curtains decorate windows without obstructing them. Lighting is provided by various light sources with a pendant light and table lamps. A set of string lights can decorate the room for evening parties. Candles and small lanterns will also fit in here. In this peaceful environment, all that is left to do is to add cocooning decor.

On the couch, a good look is to spread around throws and cushions to suit your taste. Soft fabrics bring lots of comfort in wintertime. Textiles are a defining component in the cosy lounge: printed or single colour cushion covers bring a touch of brightness to a dark living room. This quirky aspect, typical of the decor in a modern living room brings a little freshness. We like to invest in ethnic style with exotic accents which disappear amazingly against a chic bohemian white linen fabric.

Also look to covering the floor to add warmth. A living room rug is a central accessory to add a feeling of well-being. You just have to choose between various types, from a berber rug or kilim to a soft rug made from fake fur or a thick wool. Avoid geometrical designs which are too regular and colours which are garish and cold.

Finally, plants can add interest to a cosy interior. It is possible to play with green plants in every nook of the living room, with a large cactus on a side table, broad plants in an elegant terracotta pot or even a pretty hanging ivy. Dried flowers are also fashionable, highlighted in a transparent vase near a window or on the mantlepiece.