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Our ideas for decorating a modern living room


Whether it’s a Parisian-style apartment or a modern house, interior design is fashionable now and can be found in all styles of home.

Colours for a modern living room

A contemporary living room is distinguished by its open, airy set-up, often with a tall ceiling. It is a light-filled living space which brings a sense of space and peacefulness.

To maintain this harmonious equilibrium, decoration ideas should follow a common thread. To highlight the room, it is better to choose light shades at ground level, such as a raw timber parquet floor, or the very trendy polished concrete tiles. And what about wall paint colours for a modern living room? The monochrome option is a classic one for a contemporary living room, with white walls acting as a background canvas for atypically designed furniture. On the other hand, this can give a cold atmosphere. The combination of white and anthracite black may bring a certain chic, but will not make a living room look cosy. Keep in mind that modern decor and an inviting space are not incompatible.

The trending colours for 2019 give prominence to shades of green bringing outdoor greenery into our interiors. With examples such as tropical design wall paper, a nod to nature is becoming more and more popular in decor trends. The time is right for a zen atmosphere, so choose an almond green which is one of those soft, warm colours. Also take advantage of pastel colours which are all the rage. To bring a personal, stand-out look, just paint one wall surface in a deeper tone such as a hot spicy yellow, or an ultra modern dark purple shade. To maintain aesthetics, the main idea is to always maintain harmony.

For a modern living room, let natural light flood in

In a small apartment, just as in a chic country house, the designer living room should be filled with light. Let the sunlight stream in through large bay windows. A large round mirror placed on the opposite side will bring animpression of space to the room. Interior lighting is also important. To play with a cocooning light, vary the light sources, with built-in downlighters, designer standard lamps or elegant filament bulbs. In the basic DNA of the contemporary living room, themain lightingis crucial. This light source, which can be the focal point of the room, brings the final daring finishing touch to the interior design, almost like a signature.

Invest in furniture with pure lines for a contemporary living room

Living room furniture should err towards the simple. Invest in simple shapes and pure lines, which can nevertheless bring some personality to the room. Contemporary furniture shows itself to be minimalist, so think about not making the room look cluttered.

From a table and chair set, to a dresser, and lighting, the trends in furniture inspired by Art Deco style are current again. To modernize an interior, a mixture of genres takes the spotlight. Forget the traditional designer lacquered white furniture. The vintage wicker style, the artisanal technique of weaving rattan, is coming back into fashion and natural fibres are no longer just synonymous with rustic styles. On the contrary, to give your living room a new look, combine raw materials and designer geometrical lines.

The essential is to avoid any feeling of oppression, and to let air and light circulate freely. Rather than a large velvet sofa dominating the centre of the room, choose a butterfly chair or a lounge chair from LAFUMA Mobilier. These indoor/outdoor chairs, both stylish and comfortable, are part of a portable, compact and light-weight furniture range. Covered with fabric or padded cushion with generous dimensions, they suit a contemporary interior perfectly. With their iconic frames, they bring an elegant decorative touch and are available in a range of modern colours to suit your tastes. To gain a moment of relaxation, with a friendly atmosphere, add a Side table or nesting tables.

Adopt the right decoration for a contemporary living room

Subtlety and refinement are investments, and decorative elements can be limited to just evocative details. A living room rug could be the only splash of colour in the room, it will be a contrast with the rest of the room without losing the sought-after harmony. On chairs and armchairs, scatter coloured cushions with geometric designs for smart decoration. Also consider abstract paintings or pop art.

The contemporary look only clashes with organisation and brings important space saving to small areas. Storage is important itself. Books and magazines for examples, are not scattered on a small unit but placed in an attractive metallic magazine holder.