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The different interior decoration styles to choose for your home


There are so many different decorating styles available, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are our suggestions for choosing the decorating style that suits you.

How to choose your interior decorating style ?

To set up your interior, it is advisable to define a decorating style in order to create a harmonious and personal result. Everyone can add ideas on specialist sites or sharing ones such as Pinterest to decorate a living room or bedroom, to imagine refurbishment of your home from floor to ceiling, to find fashionable colours or to furnish a living room with a little boldness.

The decorating choices for a modern living room currently offer a vast palette, from industrial style which revisits the look of former factories with raw materials, to Art deco which is seeing a revival. Contemporary trends look to a calm way of living, with a movement towards light and delicate materials and tones, inspired by the natural world. Since design is actually a reflection of society’s views, interior decoration seeks to find its meaning. Antique furniture finds a second use while bringing elegance to a space, or by being part of the slow deco movement which gives prominence to quality and respect for the environment.

Some decorating style ideas

Natural decorating style

Also called Scandinavian style, this inspiration which comes directly from Nordic countries finds its roots in a philosophy hygge, which calls for comfort and satisfaction. In the manner of the slow life, the idea is to make one’s home into a haven of comfort with déco cocooning

On the walls, pastel colours are preferred, to give a warm ambiance. The living room becomes a relaxation space with a sofa and armchairs covered with cushions and throws. An silky soft indoor rug adds to the cosy atmosphere in every detail. In a symbiosis with nature, Scandinavian decoration loves natural materials such as wood, sisal, woven straw or willow. Decorative objects are scattered carefully for a minimalist look. Storage units are as useful as attractive to look at. The clean lines of an open bookcase or wall shelving let light circulate to create a pleasant environment.

Bohemian decorating style

Boho-chic design is a casual style. Influenced by the 1960s and 1970s and the hippie movement, and is characterised by the charm of a collection of mismatched objects and furniture, found when travelling or sourced from antique sales. Quality textiles take a central role, with sofa fabric, covers and throws often made from linen. Bright colours are dominant with shades of purple, navy blue and also warm tones with an ethnic inspiration such as pink, bright orange or deep red. Bohemian decoration is inspired by a nomadic life, including nature in the decor with green plants scattered as desired.

Country decor style

Inspired by country houses, country style is a bucolic retro look. Older antique furniture is well-suited, such a sideboard or dresser that is once again in fashion, mirrors framed in bleached wood on the wall, and vintage chandeliers. From table cloths to curtains, fabrics are inspired by toile de Jouy designs to brighten up a cottage style interior.

Contemporary decorating style 

A designer interior is light with clean lines. every object is important and can be accentuated. Soft simple colours are contrasted with a bright decor element such as a geometrically patterned rug. Lighting plays a central role once it gets dark, with an original designer pendant light. Definitely a modern look, this designer style is made up of contemporary materials that Bauhaus architects were the first to highlight such as concrete, steel or glass, for chic minimalism.