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2020 Decor trend: Pastels


The choice of colour shades in interior decoration is linked with current aspirations. The home therefore takes on soft shades of pastel colours such as pale pink or nude.

What are the decor trends for 2020?

Pastel colours are all the rage for interiors

The choice of colour shades in interior decoration is linked with current aspirations. In the spirit of slow life, a desire to slow down, taking the time to enjoy simple things and to get closer to nature is becoming more important in our way of life. The home therefore takes on soft shades of pastel colours such as pale pink or nude.

In 2020, green is still popular for decor. By referencing nature and thoughts about ecology, green has been an omnipresent colour for a few seasons. The trend for plantsis still influencing decor in 2020 with raw materials and pastel shades such as celadon, aqua, lime or almond green. From paint to wallpaper, not forgetting bed linen and furniture, neutral and soft tones create a pleasant cocoon to live in. A few brighter colours scattered carefully will bring a special character to the whole without seeming to overpower, or stifle the space.


Furniture for a home with trending decor in 2020

Decorating a salon modern demands quietness and elegance in 2020. Furniture shows pared down lines, built from natural materials. While natural wood in light colours was somewhat successful, 2020 will see a strong return to rattan and wicker. Popular for their light, airy style, rattan and wicker are coming to the forefront in our interiors.

For seating, SPHINX armchairs and sofas have a simple, delicate structure, pushing massive and bulky seats to the background. This year at LAFUMA MOBILIER, two collections put pastel shades in the spotlight:

  • Privilège : a premium collection, a subtle combination of comfort and style

  • Patio and poolside furniture : garden furniture in fresh, springtime colours

In 2020, shapes move. Straight lines and corners are gone. Fashion tends towards curves. With oval mirrors, curved tables, rounded sofas, curved lines are on trend. We would invest in a Cocoon chair as comfortable as it is good-looking and whose enveloping shapes is reminiscent of an old-fashioned love seat. For fine days, relaxation chairs or sun loungers such as the Bayanne Chaise Longue in an Ocre, Argile, Jade or Céladon colourway will liven up the patio.

Trendy decor accessories to find in 2020

More than ever the trend is for macramé woven wall hangings, perfect for adorning your walls and bringing in a touch of escapism. Vintage decor is also seen on fabrics and pictures, as it adds a graphic, artistic note.

Vases and earthenware jars decorate both your interior and exterior spaces, and are available in an infinite number of materials, catering to many tastes. This year, it is difficult to miss the hand-crafted trend. Coloured ceramics and also terracotta are in style again and will enhance your decor. Decorative or collectible in their own right, they look good on their own or filled with plants or seasonal flowers.

And, as nature is setting the tone, tropical greenery takes the living room by storm. Currently very fashionable, large bouquets of dried flowers placed in a transparent vase look stylish on a wooden coffee table or sideboard. Also, as people try to transform rather than disposing of things, upcycling is becoming more popular. Decor items from bric-a-brac or the second hand market get a new lease of life. The story behind antique pieces or furniture with character& continues in a modern living room where the mixture of styles and time periods creates a nice harmony.