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How to set up and decorate your house?


Decorating your whole house can sometimes prove to be complicated. Discover our advice for decorating your interior.

Declutter your interior in order to better visualise how to set up your home’s decor

Before getting started on setting up the interior, sort everything to only keep the essential. Spring cleaning is central to clearing out the space. On shelves, a bookcase, hallway furniture or a desk, trinkets and old items have a tendency to pile up. So a crowded room can send out too much visual information. On the contrary, by decluttering furniture, decorative objects which are close to our hearts are really highlighted.

Think about the decor style you will choose for setting up your house

Whether you go for a cocooning decor style a Scandinavian style, a contemporary designer look or a chic country feel, it is recommended to define the characteristics of your style déco and to stick to it so that you create a nice balance. Inspired by country houses, charming decor plays a retro card with second-hand antique furniture, reworked with high-quality fabrics. Scandinavian decor which is based upon the hygge philosophy calls for comfort and satisfaction, choosing a minimalist set-up with clean lines, natural materials and soft colours. A modern living room decor calls for a quiet interior where every decorative item has its place Contemporary materials such as glass and steel are all at home here.

Some trends can combine to create a harmonious eclectic environment. For example, a bohemain living room, half way between the charm of yesteryear and the relaxed boho-chic of the 1960s could contain ethnic style decorative objects, like butterfly chair, an oriental rug or a sofa throw with a pattern reminiscent of African fabric prints. An industrial style inspired by early factories with a combination of solid wood and black metal, will be amazing in an urban loft in the style of an artist’s workshop, But this interior decor can look out of place if it is combined with a rustic style like a mountain cabin, for example.

Set a budget when decorating your house

Decorating your house can be expensive. Setting a budget before starting any updating work is a key stage, without which the work may stall. Whatever your means, it is possible to improve and personalise the interior decor as long as you carefully define the scope of the updating project.

Think about the arrangement and decor in each room of the house



Giving a home a new look takes organisation. It is better to avoid trying to attack all of the rooms at the same time. Instead, begin with the heart of the house, the living room, in order to set the tone. Then extend to cover the kitchen, the bedroom, the office area etc. The setting up of a terrace should be included in the project in such a way that it maintains harmony between indoor and outdoor decor. Whether it is a large area or a small space, the arrangement of the garden should also be considered ahead of time. Thesetting up of a patio will have an influence of the habitat. Equally, setting up a veranda, a true extension of the house, requires anticipation. This winter garden, generally brightened up with green plants, proves to be the most relaxing spot in the house where it feels good to have guests over or to re-energise.

Our hints and tips for decorating your house

Furniture is the beating heart of an interior. It is the furniture that brings style to the room. Keep in mind your preferred style, but once again, do not mix the genres. Opt for high quality furniture that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Also, to enjoy the garden as much as the indoor decor, let yourself be tempted by the current trend of indoor / outdoor furniture. Designed to resist bad weather and extended exposure to the sun, these movable chairs, armchairs and tables offer great strength and will fit perfectly in a modern, cosy interior. Alongside them, consider decorative accessories which bring character to a room. Scatter cushions on a sofa, spread out a plain or patterned interior rug, or hang curtains in shades that will coordinate with the rest of the room. Finally, take care with lighting. It is recommended to increase the sources of light in order to  create a warm, inviting atmosphere.@

Harmony between styles calls for a daring and careful colour combination. Before repainting the wals or hanging new wallpaper, think about the final look. There are a few rules when it comes to decorating an interior well. If Scandinavian style requires pastel colours and contemporary decor has bright colours, you should avoid having clashing shades. For the walls, opt for a dynamic contrast or a delicate tones. It is actually not advised to have several strong colours, which, when placed together, cancel each other out and create a decor scheme that is garish, aggressive and lacking in balance. And lastly, do not forget that light pieces are the easiest to live with.

The latest decor trends give prominence to the plant world. To set up a modern living room, bring in the greenery. With terrariums and hanging containers in the living room, cactus and mini palms in the reading area, plants are taking over interiors..