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What are the garden furniture trends for 2022?


When the good weather arrives, many of us want to create a cozy and stylish outdoor space. This is the perfect opportunity to look at the outdoor trends imagined by our designers! In contrast to short-lived trends and ever-changing collections, we have identified 3 trends that you won’t get tired of. Let yourself be carried away by our collection of pastel and lively, eco-responsible and contemporary garden furniture. The ideal combination to enjoy a 2022 season under the sign of sustainability!

As you certainly know, at LAFUMA MOBILIER trend goes hand in hand with timelessness. Our teams are convinced that it is possible to design beautiful products that can be kept for 10, 20, 30 or more years! This philosophy has been part of our DNA since the birth of the brand and is not about to change. Our secret? Imagine our own trends, without relying on the frantic pace of trends. This desire is part of a global awareness that encourages us to consume better while taking care of our planet.

Pastel and lively colors

Years pass… and are never the same! For the summer of 2022, we have developed our color palettes with the desire not to give in to ease. Instead of the pantone of the year and garish tones, make way for softness! This summer, our outdoor furniture is adopting pastel and lively tones, which are more subtle and nuanced.

We were therefore inspired by nature to create different ranges of colors with mineral and iodized accents: the latter oscillate between soft grey, soft blue and terracotta. Adorned with these muted tones, LAFUMA MOBILIER seats are dressed to blend in with all decor styles, from the simplest to the most sophisticated! It is in this same state of mind that we have chosen to favor plain textiles: this allows you to choose patterned accessories, which you can change according to your desires. This common thread has not, however, prevented us from launching capsule collections, in which the pattern is the star. Let yourself be tempted by our Labyrinthe and Sultan ranges, which largely feature prints and color!

Eco-responsible products

Has sustainability become a trend? Certainty, and we are delighted about that. LAFUMA MOBILIER is one of the first companies in France to have placed eco-responsibility at the heart of its concerns, at a time when obsolescence was the norm. We have never succumbed to all-plastic or polluting materials. Let's be clear: the ephemeral has no place in our manufacturing process! We clearly prefer sustainable materials such as metal, textiles made in France.

As you can see, the second garden furniture trend for 2022 is eco-responsibility! We are also very proud of the work done by our teams to extend the life of your furniture. By purchasing our products, you are certain of:

  • Obtaining a piece of furniture or an accessory made in France with quality materials, from short distances.

  • Being able to easily replace defective parts. LAFUMA MOBILIER offers spare parts for purchase, which allow you to repair your seats in no time.

  • Having the possibility of changing the canvas of certain models according to your mood, without having to buy the whole structure.

Clean lines

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we avoid convoluted designs to which we greatly prefer simplicity. Clean lines have always been one of our pillars in the development of our collections. Why? Simply because these designs are timeless and become classics! By looking more closely at the philosophy of the great French designers - Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier - we can see that the simplest lines are undoubtedly the ones that hit the mark. Those that we remember decades later.

That’s why we have favored clean forms for summer 2022. Whether it's our Opale collection, which combines curved lines and friendly shapes, or the Eole range, in a more dynamic format, each piece has been designed with a desire for sobriety. Just like the house, the garden is a reassuring cocoon in which you can relax and feel safe. Rounded shapes and soft colors enhance this feeling of well-being.

This is the last of the garden furniture trends for 2022, which naturally combines with the previous two. As you can see, this summer will be soft, simple and eco-responsible: the best way to spend a zen summer, far from this troubled world!