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What are the garden furniture trends in 2019 ?


Contrasting with a fast-paced urbanised way of life, a return to nature and the need to take one’s time become more important in our daily lives.

The art of outdoor living is becoming an increasingly common habit. More than just decoration, an outdoor space now resembles a chic and comfortable extension of the home. From springtime on, it feels good to furnish the garden to enjoy the sunshine and to share moments with friends outside.

Garden furnishing trends in 2019

Whatever its size and shape, the garden calls for organisation. It is advisable to delineate living spaces according to their function to create a harmonious garden with, on one side the patio with its dining areas, the vegetable plot and fruit trees elsewhere, and finally, a relaxation area with pool. You just have to decorate each of these areas with an ambiance of natural, colourful planting.

This year the decor trends for the garden emphasise hydroponics. Garden planting gets tall. In hanging planters, succulents and springtime bulbs decorate arbours and pergolas. Whether it is clematis, honeysuckle or Virginia creeper, climbing plants bring style to these structures. Vertical gardens are also hugely popular. Ornamental plants and flowers, and also medicinal herbs or small fruit plants take root vertically. This natural exterior decor is perfect for small spaces, such as a city garden or balcony patio. In a spirit of wanting to get close to nature, respect for biodiversity becomes all-important. This year, ancient vegetables have made a comeback to garden plots and honey-producing plants promote natural pollination.

Decor shows itself to be bucolic, light and minimalist. With the space falling between living area and garden, it demands to be arranged in a personalised way. Just like a cabinet of curiosities, colourful objects create vintage garden decor with a hanging zinc watering can; the homemade look is still popular, such as wooden bird boxes or an old wine case made into a flower planter. Finally, to maintain the intimate feeling of this haven of calm, outdoor lighting is essential, and do not be afraid to mix up light sources with lanterns scattered among perennials and grasses.

Trending garden furniture in 2019

So that your garden can become a living space like any other, the idea of comfort is essential. Again this year, patio and poolside furniture links elegance to well-being. For relaxing, the deckchair needs to be light, easy to move and ergonomic. At LAFUMA Mobilier, our garden elements, all made in France, are designed to last over time, resisting prolonged outdoor exposure while still guaranteeing optimum comfort. The sunlounger for allowing yourself a moment of relaxation or the sun bed for lying down under a shade sail combine aesthetics and technicality.

The range of colours for outdoor furniture allows them to match with any ambiance. This year, green shades and pastel tones are in fashion. A few bright touches bring energy with curry yellow or terracotta creating a harmonious space in your small garden for the good weather to come