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How to decorate your interior with upcycled objects?


In the world of decoration as elsewhere, we are committed to preserving the planet. Our way of consuming has changed, and new trends have emerged. One of these is upcycling, which has become a lifestyle in its own right. Let's take a closer look at how you can implement this trend at home and make your own furniture and accessories.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is an art that consists of reusing objects by transforming and improving them. These transformations offer us the opportunity to appeal to both our imagination and our creativity. There are indeed a thousand and one ways to give a second life to window frames, an old dresser drawer or a torn lampshade! By recovering objects to transform them, we limit the congestion of recycling centres while offering our house a personalized decoration. In addition, upcycling is an excellent way to save money: what is commonly called "recycling" is an interesting alternative to furnishing yourself for free or almost. Let’s now see the different ways to furnish your interior with upcycled objects.

How to adopt upcycling at home?

There are many ways to detach objects from their original purpose. It all depends on your needs, and the finds available to you. If you are a bit of a handyman, you can completely get started in stripping, sanding, painting or assembling to create the ideal piece of furniture or accessory for your interior or even your terrace!

Here are some examples of what you can do to furnish your interior with upcycled objects:

  • Wooden pallets: furniture made with pallets is a classic of the recycled style. Outdoor sofa, coffee table, swing, claustra, daybed... The possibilities available to you are varied and accessible to all levels of expertise. You will find many ideas on Pinterest, and just as many tutorials on YouTube to help you achieve them.

  • Wine boxes: these wooden modules, very easy to assemble, make it possible to create almost made-to-measure storage furniture. Fixed to the walls, they turn into shelves in which you can slide books, plants or decorative objects.

  • Tin cans: design them to your heart’s desire! Don't hesitate to spray them, paint them or decorate them to obtain pretty containers. If you want to plant plants there, remember to drill a few holes at the bottom of your boxes to let the water flow out when you water your plants: this little trick prevents the roots from rotting in the event of excess hydration.

  • A rake head, old door handles or tree branches transformed into pegs. Just screw them firmly to the wall to obtain hooks that are as practical as they are original.

  • Also to be repurposed: cable reels become coffee tables, old scarves, sewn together, form a patchwork-style screen, the glass yoghurt jars are transformed into candle holders, the old painter's ladder turns into a plant holder... As you can see, anything goes when it comes to transforming and customising objects that were destined for the dumpster. It's up to you to use your imagination!

Nationale 7, an upcycled collection by LAFUMA MOBILIER

Upcycling is not limited to the repurposing of objects from individuals. Indeed, many companies have been recycling for years, in a wide variety of forms. Conditioning products, recovery of waste from industry, use of recycled materials... Upcycling has become widely available in factories, and we are proud to be one of the French companies that make recycling a priority. At LAFUMA MOBILIER we are careful to reuse as many materials as possible to create new ones: eco-design remains our number one concern, and we put all our energy into creating indoor & outdoor furniture that is both eco-responsible and sustainable.


This is why our teams have imagined a new collection of entirely upcycled chairs, launched on September 1st. Named Nationale 7 by LAFUMA MOBILIER, this range of seats with a vintage look was created in homage to the famous road of the same name that led the French on vacation.


By combining folding frames from the chairs of the LAFUMA Bronze-Or collection from the 50s to the 70s, Nationale 7 offers unique chairs with the patina and aura of the past. Each of them has been dressed with one of two different motifs: the first, “Portrait”, pays homage to designer Eileen Gray. The second is inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean and the setting sun and takes up the emblematic elements of the famous villa E-1027, hence its name “Villa”. Two patterns and two colours, i.e. four versions offered exclusively for the fall season! And if you take the opportunity to bring a nice retro touch to your interior or your outdoor space? This is another way to furnish your interior with upcycled... and new objects. Something to enjoy while preserving the planet!