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How to decorate your balcony?


The balcony is an extraordinary area. Whether small or XXL, it offers a very appreciable square of blue sky once the fine weather has set in. When it comes to decoration, there are no limits. The most important thing is to create an ambience that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. The LAFUMA MOBILIER team is now offering you its tips for decorating your balcony and transforming it into a haven of peace.

Cover the floor and dress the walls of your balcony

The balcony is a limited surface whose layout needs to be well thought out Depending on the size and design, you can set up different living areas here: a real "extra room" that is open to the outside! Before embarking on miscellaneous purchases, start by emptying it entirely: it is much easier to start from a blank page for a successful transformation. This "reset" will be an opportunity to get rid of everything and to get an overview of the available surface. You can then move on to the second step, namely the makeover of the floor. The latter is the basis of your future decor, so it is essential to take care of its appearance. Take advantage of the empty space to thoroughly clean your floor and cover it if you don't like the coating.


There are different materials suitable for exterior surfaces, more or less simple to install. Tiles, synthetic turf, special outdoor paint, wooden floorboards, clip-on tiles... It's up to you to choose the covering according to your budget and the appearance you want to give to your outdoor space. If you are a tenant, be aware that you will need to ask your landlord for permission to make permanent changes to the floor of your balcony. You will see that your outdoor area will shine in a whole new light after having been refurbished.

Changes to the walls are more difficult to implement, especially if you live in a flat. Before making any final changes, you must consult the rules of co-ownership. These generally require respect for the harmony and overall aesthetics of the building, so you will not necessarily have a free hand in implementing your decorative desires. However, nothing prevents you from dressing your walls with a pretty reed fence or a trellis! Plants also represent a significant asset, as we will discover shortly after.

Furnish your balcony according to its surface

Now let's move on to the choice of furniture. There is a golden rule to follow: the size and number of furniture must be proportional to that of your outdoor space. The larger your balcony, the more different spaces you can create. Since small surfaces cannot be versatile, you will have to set priorities how you want to use them.

Relaxation area

Start by providing a relaxation area consisting of a bench or sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. If your balcony is small, opt for a combination of deckchair / footstool / side table, which is more suitable for small areas. LAFUMA MOBILIER offers seats in various sizes that fit easily onto a balcony, not matter how large or small it is.


Your balcony has a large area? Then we recommend our Pop Up and Sphinx chairs, which you can place around a side table: the ideal combination for a chat or an aperitif under the stars!

Complete the decor of your balcony with one of our Relax reclining chairs for reading, napping or lazing in the sun. They are ultra-light and perfect for balconies that only support a limited weight. Complete your cocooning corner with beanbags, floor cushions and a storage chest (which can also serve as a bench). Comfort mode activated, relaxation guaranteed!

How to choose your plants?

Your balcony is now almost revamped. Almost, because some elements are still missing, namely plants! You now know the surface area available for your plants: however, make sure that you make use of the corners and edges of your balcony so that the paths remain clear. If your balcony is quite large, add a few potted shrubs (lemon tree, Mexican orange tree, etc.) as well as one or two vegetable garden containers that can accommodate your herbs, fruits and vegetables. To avoid cluttering the floor of your balcony, hanging planters are a great choice: you can fix them to the ceiling (if your balcony has one) or hang them on the balustrade. When choosing plants, also consider the orientation of your outdoor area! As a reminder, rosemary, thyme, lavender, immortelles, geraniums and cacti are the varieties that best tolerate southern exposure. On the contrary, favor bellflowers, begonias, ivy, clematis and boxwood for an east-facing balcony. Finally, the North balconies will easily accommodate ferns, browallias, rhododendron and hostas. Now you're all set with all our tips for balcony design: ready for blue skies, naps and aperitifs in the open air!