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How to set up an appealing patio?


The patio represents a real asset for your house if it is well presented. Here are our suggestions for setting up an appealing patio.

Create a well-defined space when designing an appealing patio

Spring is here and it is time to invest in the outdoor space to convert it into a friendly oasis. Before starting any renovation projects, first think about a coherent layout that works with the dimensions of your patio, as it is essential not to overcrowd it. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, you need to plan for space to move around the tables and chairs, and also to let the air circulate, to give a feeling of openness.

The most important thing is to keep the spaces well defined, for both the relaxation area and the dining space. It is possible to create zones using the floor covering : On one side, stone pavers are easy to keep clean, and on the other, planks of tropical hardwood, for a warmer feel, for example. In a small area, where it is hardly possible to combine several materials, a single outdoor rug can serve to define the cozy space.

A planted wall is an alternative to avoid partitioning the spaces.  On a small balcony, it is easy to install a reed wall decorated with small flower pots along the edge. On a patio, a trellis or pergola only needs some climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or even a Virginia creeper. This natural screen creates an intimate feel. To protect oneself from being overlooked from the next building, it is possible to extend a shade sail or screen, both effective when seeking to prevent being overlooked and also to shade from the sun.

To summarize, to create a beautiful patio, it is good to define a style to maintain coherence. Choose a modern patio with contempory design furniture, or create a coastal look with shades of blue and white echoing Greek islands, or even go for a natural look with a patio full of planting, and on-trend green coloured outdoor furniture.

Take care when choosing furniture when designing an appealing patio

The key is to prevent the patio from becoming cluttered. The relaxing space is dedicated to rest. However, an area crowded with chairs and armchairs or blocked with a large sofa is in no way calming. Opt for furniture that has actually been designed for relaxation.

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we offer a range of armchairs which combine comfort, style and quality. Our deckchairs, with armrests and a removable headrest cushion, offers three different seating positions, including a lie-flat position, perfect for sunbathing or taking a nap. While it is padded, the breathable, permeable materials do not retain water, which promotes air circulation and makes the quick to dry.

To welcome friends in a relaxed atmosphere, go for some lounge chairs available in several on-trend colourways. The SPHINX with its enveloping comfort and elegant, generously proportioned silhouette works well both indoors and out. As for the COCOON armchair, its welcoming shape is emphasised by a soft, generous cover which takes the eye from the off-balanced tubular frame. Both are supplied with a padded indoor/outdoor HEDONA fabric, which offers the technical qualities of Batyline - breathable, waterproof and resistant to UV rays – with a textile feel. In the same spirit, the design chair with its cotton fabric in Airlon offers excellent seating comfort, a very soft touch and good resistance; this product can claim to be ultra comfortable. This portable furniture, makes each element easy to move around and store after use. 

To brighten up this garden living space, consider a parasol and a small side table. Next, set up a dining area on your outdoor patio, perfect for enjoying lunch outside in good weather. For large gatherings, it is possible to invest in an extendable outdoor table. For a more intimate meal, the set of duo table and chairs is ideal.

Our decorating ideas for an appealing patio

The trend is for bargain repurposed objects. On balconies and patios, we see wooden crates for storage spread out in a bohemian vibe ; tealights decorate a terrarium... Interior decoration has started to spread to the garden : A large mirror reflects the suns rays, cushions scattered on a bench, etc.

To decorate the patio, it is recommended to juggle greenery, grasses and shrubs to bring rhythm and freshness. To define the space between the patio and the garden, a simple terracotta flower pot is a clever idea. In the absence of a little vegetable patch, plant aromatic herbs and little fruit trees such as a redcurrant bush in pots. Also, a matching light decoration is essential for creating a cosy atmosphere in the evening. If lights and lanterns offer a light source while dining, the subdued light of a string of lights and candles will give a cafe feel to a city balcony or roof terrace.