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How to set up a small balcony ?

Ideas and advices


For a great number of city-dwellers, setting up a personal cocoon on a small patio is a luxury.

Our advice

Making the most of the sun without leaving home and enjoying breakfast outside are just some of these simple pleasures. While arranging a small space demands ingenuity and imagination, there is nothing to stop you bringing a little comfort and chic to a smaller area. This living space with a cosy atmosphere can be improved according to your own tastes.

However, it is recommended to opt for soft, light colours, such as shades of white to give a feeling of space, accentuated with one or two bold colours Piling on multicoloured tones actually has a tendency to create a stifling atmosphere, which you want to avoid. To change your balcony into a minimalist city garden and give him a "cocooning feeling", climbing plants, such as clematis or honeysuckle, which can run along the railing, will act as a natural screen. In town, having a building close by is often inevitable. A bamboo screen, onto which you can attach terra cotta flower pots is an alternative to keep out prying eyes. In a nook, a crate or side table can hold aromatic plants to look like a little vegetable garden. All you need to do is to brighten it all up with decorative accessories, such as a string lights along the edge, some candles and throw blankets. To brighten up the area, a floor covering that is simple to install, such as duckboard or an outdoor rug will make all the difference.

Choosing the right furniture

When thinking about saving space, every centimetre counts. The back of the balcony, for example, could hold a storage chest, which would do double duty as a bench seat. It is therefore very important to take measurements before re-doing your balcony. A balcony furniture set is designed to fit in. A stacking or folding chair, a deckchair or table that folds flat which can be set up or stored in an instant are both perfect for creating an outdoor living room.

For a small space, with plenty of height, a hanging butterfly chair, or a single swing seat will free up floor space to design a comfortable relaxing nook with a pared-down, airy ambiance. Outdoor furniture is often destined to stay on the balcony all winter. Wooden furniture made from varieties of pine, teak, eucalyptus or acacia have the advantage of being robust and rot-resistant. However, this furniture still requires an annual treatment with linseed oil, which is hardly practical in a city apartment. It is therefore better to opt for a set of compact tables and chairs which can spend the winter inside a protective cover to wait for the next season to arrive. As for materials, lacquered steel with 100% polyester paint, and HPL tabletops are very resistant to UV rays, to bad weather and moisture without requiring specific maintenance. The ideal solution is to invest in portablefolding furniture, which is practical, robust and elegant. It will brighten the balcony up on sunny days without making it crowded, and can be stored in the autumn without taking up space inside.

Our ideas

The small folding table : the tiny balcony's ally

When well done, even the setting up of a narrow balcony terrace is pleasant for dining with friends. A folding table, either rectangular or square, is perfect for seating two or four people. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, it takes up a small amount of space and is easy to move around. Designed to allow maximum legroom, the LAFUMA MOBILIER outdoor table offers real comfort at mealtimes. Stability is guaranteed by an adjustment device on the legs which corrects any "wobble". While some metal furniture items can be sensitive to corrosion, rust or even knocks, the laminated HPL tabletop on this table is especially resistant to scratches and dents, and is also guaranteed to be waterproof and stain-resistant. Easy to keep clean, simply wash with soapy water. Finally, if the terrace is directly south-facing, it is possible to protect the dining area from the sun’s rays with a simple balcony parasol, which is easy to fix to the railing.

The small folding chair : ideal for small outdoor spaces

Along the same lines, a light, comfortable folding chair has a clever folding mechanism. Contrary to popular belief, the folding chair is robust and can support a weight of up to 140kg. The slightly reclined backrest ensures the best comfort, especially when the seat is made from fabric.


The Batyline fabric used by LAFUMA Mobilier, is designed to last. Its open weave, which is guaranteed to be quick-drying after a rain shower, is also resistant to UV rays, to ripping, wear and tear and mildew. The elegant colourways are available in bright colours such as pink, green, or even blue, and also in more pastel shades, off-white or anthracite grey...

A folding relaxation chair : the comfort tip for small spaces

For the sizes of balcony that allow, the relax chair invented by LAFUMA Mobilier, brings a real plus to this outdoor relaxation space. Its secret: this multi-position chair was specially designed to give users the ideal relaxation position, that of Zero Gravity. It corresponds to the position that the human body adopts naturally when weightless, with the legs and trunk forming an angle of 127 degrees. In addition to its benefits for the back, for breathing and for circulation, it folds in a few seconds, and can be hidden away when not in use. Idyllic for enjoying the sunshine on a terrace, it can also be used indoors in any season for moments of disconnection and relaxation.