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How to decorate a modern terrace ?

Comfort & wellness

Dare to use color when decorating a modern outdoor terrace

With the arrival of fine weather, the terrace becomes a true extension of the house. This new room with open air living calls out to be personalised. Whether it is a question of re-doing a large terrace or a smaller space, the golden rule is to keep a harmonious balance while decorating the terrace. To set up a small contemporary terrace, it is good to define an overall style. The bucolic look is now turning into luxurious planting, whilst the urban garden is more structured, with designer furniture. Whatever the spirit of the setting up of the patio, it is advisable to bring in some colour. You just have to forget the minerality of the tiles, or cover a flower bed dynamically with even wooden planks.

Among the 2019 colour trends pastel shades and light tones create a cosy, peaceful ambiance. In this soft decorating some bright notes can be brought in to brighten up the whole with the exotic influence of Majorelle or Klein blues. Yellow brings warmth with its spicy notes. The shades of green are also fashionable right now. Available in pine or olive green this vast, timeless colour palette sends an echo of the leaves on plantations to offer an elegant cameo.

The outdoor furniture to choose for a moderne terrace

In the city or in the countryside, an outdoor space is only used for part of the year. Therefore choose lightweight garden furniture that will be easy to set up and later store at the end of the season so as to protect it from bad weather. While portable furniture proves itself to be practical, it can also have an aesthetic touch. Cluttered garden furniture is no longer in fashion. The contemporary spirit calls for fluidity and lightness, with subtle materials and clean lines which all combine comfort, style and quality.

For small spaces, it is advisable to set up a folding table and matching chairs . To create a little cosy corner, designed for relaxing, surround a low table with space-saving but comfortable designer armchairs to provide those relaxation moments.

A few decorating ideas to update a terrace

All you need to do is to personalise your outdoor setup. To protect yourself from being overlooked, a shade sail creates an intimate ambience without blocking out natural light. Around the garden armchairs, tables and chairs, have planting grow to suit your personal tastes. The trend for a planted wall is very strong in urban spaces which often only have a restricted outdoor area. On railings, or along a pergola, grow climbing plants and other greenery. In containers, consider plants and shrubs with lasting foliage. Bamboo, for example, creates a natural screen. Brighten up with some annual flowers or even some aromatic plants to create a minimalist vegetable garden.

To set up the terrace, lighting is essential in order to create a nice atmosphere when it gets dark. String lights and paper lanterns, or candles and traditional lanterns are more intimate than a wall light. A few decorative objects such as a candle holder or a bargain birdcage bring a little personality to the space. As a finishing touch, think about covering outdoor pillows and blankets to mirror the outdoor rug. Choose a shade to match the interior decoration to create a perspective towards the outside directly from the living room.