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How to set up a small living room?


Are you looking for ideas for setting up a small living room? Here are our hints and advice to succeed in setting up this small space.

Square or elongated, tucked under the eaves or enjoying beautiful tall ceilings, the small living room can have a thousand and one configurations. Although small, this important room needs to be pleasant to be in every day and allow you to welcome guests. To succeed in setting up a small living room, even one that is around ten square metres, it is essential to choose light furniture and intelligent storage. The decoration also plays a key role.

Setting up a small living room to create an impression of space

Choosing furniture that suits a living room with a small area

In an attempt to save space, you often have to try clever tricks to adjust the decor in a small living room. The lack of space means forces some decluttering. It is advisable to avoid installing imposing or unnecessary furniture which will take up the room’s volume. Choose instead light, compact indoor furniture with clean lines, such as a coffee table with a metal frame and a designer armchair to create a cosy atmosphere. Easy to store and move around, folding chairs and tables are an advantage when refreshing an interior with little effort. It is easy to bring them out for a dinner party, without them eating up space on a day to day basis. To make the living room into a relaxing space, light armchairs can be combined with a corner sofa which can be easily set in an angle of the room.

When setting up a smaller space, you should plan for multiple storage areas. Each element should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Choose storage units which fit the room’s architecture. Rather than a bulky buffet or sideboard, opt for an open bookcase or wall shelving which can contain the current fashion of elegant willow baskets. To let light circulate, furniture with glass panels, very on-trend currently, lets you see books, beautiful china or decorative items just like a curiosity cabinet. Finally, consider optimising empty spaces such as alcoves and little niches with a shelf made of glass or light wood.

Colours to choose in a small living room

To accentuate the room, it is better to choose light colours for wall paint. While white walls risk giving off a feeling of coldness, a covering in pastel colours will bring calm.

Old rose, curry yellow, or almond green will brighten up the living area. To give some depth to the room, it is possible to paint an accent wall in a bright colour and leave the rest neutral, choosing a taupe or pearl grey colour. The dominant colour will capture attention and extend the horizon line. This technique is particularly advisable for small spaces.

Another wallpaper is making a big comeback. Choose paper with a geometric design over a stretch of wall, and opt for vertical lines to add height. This design will create an intimate cocoon to partition off an office space, for example. In the living room, also opt for light shades for textiles. Curtains in natural materials such as linen or cotton, in an off-white or ecru colour are ideal. Add contrast with furniture in soft colours with accents from cushions inspired by nature. To bring in some brightness, extend an indoor rug in a bright shade or with on-trend ethnic designs.

Our ideas for successfully setting up a small living room

Setting up a small space demand simplicity. Avoid the trap of overcrowding the room. The constraints imposed by the available area lead to thoughtfulness and creativity. Opt for a minimalist interior decor, which will also highlight decorative pieces.

setting up a small space

Good lighting for small living room

A room bathed in natural light will always seem bigger. So, when you are planning your remodelling, think about partitioning the living area with a glass partition rather than a closed, opaque one. As for lighting, think about having multiple light sources. A wider range of lamps and different brightnesses will create a warm ambiance. For the main lamp, aim for a designer pendant which can attract attention. Place a table lamp on a nesting table or occasional table to designate a reading area. A standard lamp, easy to position next to an armchair, will bring a new source of light. And when creating an intimate atmosphere in a modern living room, place a rope or string light on a shelf or mantle in a warm white, the perfect light for a living room.

Use mirrors to enlarge the space

To extend the space, a mirror is one of the essential interior decorating tools. A round mirror hung on the wall or a rectangular floor mirror will brighten up the walls without making them appear cluttered. Mirrors will give an impression of grandeur, by reflecting light. Decor in a modern living room: gives pride of place to raw materials. So, choose a wooden frame or braided cord, a very trendy material.