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How to set up a covered patio ?


A covered patio is the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. Discover our advice for setting up and decorating your outdoor patio.

The advantages of a covered patio

The patio is designed to be an extension of the house, open to nature. While patios, balconies and terraces are perfect for enjoying the sunshine in good weather, it is also nice to create a relaxation area away from high temperatures and direct sun. Covered patios can offer a protected area, where it is just good to sit in bad weather. A covered patio is not a closed-off area, rather, outside light filters in gently. For relaxing moments, parasols and shade sails are no longer required.

While building a terrace lets you increase your living space for a season, it is possible to use a covered patio for a longer period of time, from springtime and even into the autumn. Therefore, furniture and decor can be arranged in a more permanent way, depending on the type of roof and the protection it offers.

Depending how it is set up, the covered patio can function as a real living areaSetting up a large patio offers a wide range of options, so let your imagination run free. You can install an outdoor kitchen or even set up a living room with a stove for heating and a cosy reading nook.

How to set it up ?

To cover a patio, it is firstly important to define the area well. As with any relaxation space, a patio should ideally be away from noise but also not overlooked. Installing a roof should not remove too much light, and so care should be taken to check the direction of the sun to let light still come in. Additionally, adding a facade, whether it is open or not, will limit air flow.

Before designing the roof covering, you must determine the choice of ground covering. A wooden deck will look warm and inviting, while paving or polished concrete are durable materials which are very popular at the moment. When it comes to the covering structure, there are several methods to choose from. They will of course be limited by the current set-up of the building, the available space and above all, the intended usage.

The simplest solution to install is a retractable awning, and this can take various forms. A wooden pergola, reeds or a metal arbour all offer shade from the sun so as to be able to enjoy the summer without too much heat. An awning or canopy that you pull out and retract as you want lets you adjust sun and shade easily. Less attached to the house would be a retractable structure such as a shade sail, which is easy to set up and offers more coverage than a simple parasol.

Finally a permanent structure offers stronger, more watertight protection. You can even design a masonry roof or a wooden patio covering. From an aesthetic point of view, it is v=best to maintain architectural harmony between the covering of the building and that of the patio.

Our decorating ideas for a modern covered patio

a central element of this haven of peace, patio furniture combines both comfort and style. For a modern touch, it is better to look towards lightweight armchairs and dining sets. Heavy furniture may crowd the space and create a stuffy atmosphere. Canvas seating and metal frames melt elegantly into the decor and help ventilate the space. In addition, portable furniture has the advantage of being easy to move and store. Feel free to spread colourful throws and cushions onto deckchairs and other loungers, for a cosy touch.

The deco for outdoor patios should be simple and authentic to create a modern ambiance. In fact, current trends all point to a return to nature and to real things; to the way of life known as Slow Life. Outdoor installations and design convey meaning. This is why it is recommended to avoid getting distracted and to define one style, from the contemporary spirit with clean lines and geometric shapes, to a natural look which brings in plants and raw materials, without forgetting bohemian chic decor. Just as with indoor decor, the patio requires harmony.

This is why each decorative accessory is chosen with care. People who likesecond-hand objects can show their creativity by giving a second life to a metal bird cage, vintage wooden boxes or a large glass vase. An outdoor rug, perfect to enhance the space, is chosen according to the style of patio, from a simple single-colour rug to a coloured braided mat from bohemian style. Green planting is essential. Cactus and Barbary figs set in wicker baskets bring a touch of the exotic, while a group of fan palms and climbing plants create a luxuriant garden. A few aromatic herbs in pots will create a country feel. Finally, lighting is important to create a warm atmosphere. Choose a designer pendant, string lights or hanging lanterns, or candles and hurricane lanterns. A street-light style lamp is also a bold, quirky addition.