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How to set up a studio flat well?


Decorating a studio flat can sometimes prove to be particularly difficult. Discover our suggestions to set up your studio flat and use the least space

Which colours to use to set up your studio flat? 

In small space, getting a visual impression of height is a golden rule. Whether you use paint or wallpaper, choose light colours which reflect natural light and will appear to make the room look bigger. Rather than white walls which can look cold and drab, opt for pastel shades. Among the 2019 trending colours hints of green are most popular. Soft colours such as almond green or lichen bring a fashionable touch of greenery. From anthracite to slate, not forgetting all the sandy tones, grey offers a timeless chromatic palette which is easy to combine with brighter colours.

To bring some character, it is possible to add a few touches of a bright colour, such as a midnight blue or a curry yellow on a single stretch of wall. In the living area, provide contrast with soft coloured furniture such as a Butterfly chair where you can then place cushions with inspiration from plants and greenery. For your sleeping area, choose neutral, soft colours for a peaceful sleep.

How to set up a studio apartment while defining different spaces?

Setting up a small space can be a real challenge. To optimise the area of a studio apartment, it is advisable to define the sleeping area separately from the living room so that each zone maintains a hint of autonomy. A window, partition or curtain can instantly create a separate bedroom. Partitioning without closing off lets light pass through, using a modular partition or privacy screen. This clever but functional set-up is ideal for a small space as it offers the advantage of closing off the bedroom area when you want to isolate it, and opening it up to increase the space during the day. In a small apartment it is essential to save space. So a bookcase, with multiple shelves, can be used as storage and also serve as a room divider.

Choosing furniture to set up this small area

In order to save space, large furniture such as a big sofa or cabinet should be avoided. Aim for light furniture with clean lines. The number 1 rule for small spaces is storage solutions. Think about being well organised from the start to maintain a pleasant, functional environment.

Storage pieces should match the shape of the room so that they do not take up unused floor space. Modular furniture is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Under eaves, opt for a low unit. On the other hand, if there is a good height up to the ceiling, choose taller, shallower furniture. Use recesses and alcoves with wall shelves.

Don’t forget that in a small studio apartment, storage accessories are essential. A basket that can be stacked or stored on a shelf lets you store items while keeping them out of sight. In a small area, do not invite clutter. The living area should remain a relaxing space, where you feel like entertaining. A POP UP chair designed in a contemporary way with a side table will look welcoming. This multifunctional combination of table and chairs can serve as both an eating area or an office. To keep the space refined, choose light furniture, with a delicate metal structure. Clever folding furniture offers a size advantage, as after use, the table or chair can be stored easily in a cupboard. For a minimalist look, this furniture which is typical of a modern living room avoids any feeling of oppressiveness and lets light and air flow freely.

Our ideas for setting up a studio apartment

The challenge in a studio with an area of 20m² is to be restrained. Decorating a small space demands frugality. Without being bare, a room with clean lines will highlight decorative and personalised pieces. While you should avoid accumulating trinkets when decorating a studio, on the other hand it is particularly recommended  to increase the number of light sources. Rather than a harsh ceiling fixture, aim for different lights, with a table lamp, a designer pendant above the eating area, or a trendy floor light placed at an angle to break the partitioning effect. A string light garland can be a chic solution to create a cosy, warm corner.

To make the studio look bigger, it is recommended to let in natural light, by using sheer or fine curtains in light colours such as an off-white or pearl grey. A large mirror hung on the wall opposite the window will reflect light. An interior made up of light rooms will always look its best.