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Our style


To the intersection of design inspired by Bauhaus architecture and French Chic.

Unique brand in the world of outdoor funrniture, LAFUMA MOBILIER is a genuine symbol of French manufacturing. A company that has never stopped innovating in 60 years while remaining faithful to its style, to the intersection of design inspired by Bauhaus architecture and French Chic.

Influences : Bauhaus & French Chic

The Bauhaus has always influenced the designers of the LAFUMA MOBILIER creation studio, whose guidelines are these 3 pillars:

  • Louis Sullivan's form ever follows function

  • Using beautiful materials

  • Seeking a minimalist style

A very structured architectural influence, melded with French chic, conveyed by patterns and materials, gives this singular style to LAFUMA MOBILIER. So our brand has become the symbol of outdoor metal & textile furniture.

Our collections

Insistence on comfort, strength and ease of use constitute the basis of every LAFUMA MOBILIER product. The fundamental elements in the development of each product are cushion pad thickness, choice of fabrics combining technicality & aesthetics, and studying the best attitude of the body. A LAFUMA MOBILIER chair, armchair, or deckchair invites you to relax.

PRIVILEGE: a subtle combination of comfort & style

Harmony found through pure forms, new materials and through careful working of colour, functionality and comfort. PRIVILEGE, a premium collection offering unequalled comfort with its innovative Indoor/Outdoor cushion pads with sophisticated fabric effects.

OPALE, inspired by the freshness and soft light of summer evenings. With its warm festive colours, this new collection in white Kaolin tube stresses the silhouette of products covered in mineral inspired fabric: Argile, Ocre and Céladon. The specific Batyline Eden weave gives them wonderful aesthetic richness and underlines the comfort. The decorative touch par excellence…

PATIO & TERRACE: relaxation essentials

By the pool, in the garden or even in your living room, these collections invite you to create harmonious spaces for relaxation all around. Disconnect and enjoy a real moment of well-being with iconic products that are making the success of our brand: comfort, style and quality.

EOLE, an invitation to travel into the heart of luxuriant vegetation and rich colours, surrounded by hummingbirds, bright butterflies and fantastic plants. The new EOLE range leads you into an enchanted atmosphere where gentle breezes blow. FAROU, SIROCCO and MISTRAL contrast and inspire you to create ideal pleasurable settings for disconnecting and resourcing. Cushions, fabric and tubes all come in fresh and stylish colours.