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A responsible and sustainable Christmas


The festive season is approaching fast, and with this time of year will come sweet moments. Decorating the house, preparing the Christmas menu and buying gifts are on the agenda. This year, LAFUMA MOBILIER offers you ideas for a responsible and sustainable Christmas. From the table to the gifts to the decoration, we have decided to do everything we can to control our consumption! To please and to enjoy while favoring French, sustainable and responsible creations is to offer gifts that have meaning while protecting our planet!

Responsible and sustainable gifts under the Christmas tree

As the end-of-year festivities approach, the to-do lists are getting longer. Between invitations and decorating your sweet home, there is plenty to do! Purchasing gifts is obviously part of the preparations, and it is a real pleasure to think about what will make those around us happy. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards responsible and sustainable gifts. We prefer to buy less but better! For this reason, families come together to offer gifts that are more expensive but with certified sustainability. No more perishable and toxic materials, make way for natural materials and robustness. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we do everything we can to maintain this state of mind.

When the brand presented its first line of nomadic outdoor furniture in tube and canvas in 1954, everything had already been thought out, designed and manufactured in Anneyron, in the department Drôme (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes). This is still the case today and LAFUMA MOBILIER can thus proudly claim its local and responsible commitment. Why is this so important? Simply because short circuits limit the carbon footprint! The holidays are still a period during which we waste a lot of resources. It's up to us to go against the trend by rethinking our consumption patterns, to make Christmas more responsible and sustainable!

This year, LAFUMA MOBILIER offers a selection of gifts for all tastes and budgets. From Sphinx or Pop Up lounge chairs, to side tables, throw blankets, in/outdoor cushions or even trays and table sets, we have designed practical and cocooning products for the home as well as stylish ranges like the Labyrinthe collection Jean Paul Gaultier x Lelièvre Paris. Discover right away our selection for a responsible and sustainable Christmas!


A responsible and sustainable festive table

After material pleasures, it's time for gourmet pleasures. We are continuing the theme of a responsible and sustainable Christmas at the table. To avoid waste, go once again for lasting products. No more plastic and disposable products, make way for family crockery, fabric tablecloths and a natural décor!

If you do not have enough "solid" glasses and plates, take a look at Emmaus or at the nearest recycling vendor. You can indeed compose a very beautiful table decoration by assembling mismatched old crockery. And if fabric tablecloths are not part of your "must have", nothing prevents you from replacing them with sheets! For decoration, head to the forest or the florist in your neighborhood. Branches, ivy or berries will serve as a base to create a centerpiece with festive accents. Don’t hesitate to add a few candles and you're good to go. To light them without risking an accident, slip them into recycled glass yoghurt pots, transformed for the occasion into a candle holder. Finally, choose homemade rather than ready-made for your festive dishes and desserts. Less waste in the trash and more flavor on the taste buds… what else could you ask for?


Thinking about the packaging

Giving responsible and sustainable gifts is a small step for the planet ... Taking care of their packaging is even better! Gift wrapping is a huge waste, it is up to us to try to limit this overconsumption of packaging. To do this, let's use greener papers: paper made from grass (which requires half as much water in its production, limits deforestation and does not require any chemical process), kraft paper or even the famous furoshikis.

These traditional Japanese wrappers offer us the opportunity to wrap medium sized gifts in an elegant AND environmentally friendly way. Thanks to precise folding techniques, you can hide the contents of your gifts with refinement, then reuse the fabric for other purposes. In the same spirit, use tote bags that you no longer need and turn them into gift bags. You’ll see that it is not that difficult to take these small actions to give yourself a green and responsible Christmas!