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The new nomadism


We tend to move more and more, whether for professional or private purposes. A phenomenon accentuated by an irrepressible need for freedom, ever greater, ever stronger! At home, this new nomadism results in frequent changes of scenery. It's the waltz of the furniture, which moves seamlessly from room to room. The LAFUMA MOBILIER team took a closer look at this social phenomenon which is affecting more and more homes. Is it the ultimate step of freedom?

Move without moving, a growing phenomenon

After several months of lockdown, our living habits have changed. Gone are the routines, the monotony and the unchanging decorations: welcome to creativity! The house is regaining colours and the rooms have a new look. A fairly recent phenomenon which is partly explained by teleworking, but not only. "Changing the furniture gives me the impression of moving into a new home without leaving my home," says Sandrine, owner of a single-family house in Brittany. This is not the first time she has tried this, and she is happy to talk about the benefits of these changes.

The benefits of reorganising the decor do not end there. There are also economic and ecological reasons for the new nomadism. Instead of buying new furniture, people reuse the furniture they already own. This movement, which began a few years ago, is getting bigger and bigger. It translates into what is commonly called "recycling", but also in DIY and the multi-functional aspect of furniture. An entrance console can be transformed into a teenager's desk, a kitchen chair into a bedside table and a deck chair into a fireside chair in the winter. So many possibilities to give your home a new look without spending a fortune! Arnaud du Mesnil, Managing Director of LAFUMA MOBILIER, comes to the same conclusion: "Design enthusiasts are won over by the multifunctional aspect of our collections. Our furniture is designed for indoor and outdoor use: an essential quality that adds to the robustness and aesthetics of our products."

The seats in the Privilège collection have been designed to dress the terrace, the bedroom or the living room. The textiles used appear like knitted fabrics with ready-to-wear accents! An elegant and discreet touch that lends itself perfectly to both indoor and outdoor settings. Now is the time for movement, let's face it! And we'll see that it doesn't just apply to our home sweet home: the new nomadism affects many other worlds.

The call of comfort: sit down

The folding chair has been an exponential success in recent years. A phenomenon that nobody expected, and for good reason! The "folding chair" had become old-fashioned, out of date, vintage. The new nomadism has given it a second wind by bringing it back to the forefront. The result? These ultra-light and comfortable chairs are now appealing to all categories of the population. Young and old alike have embraced them for their outdoor and indoor activities, from fishing and barbecuing to camping and chic lunches. Did you say chic?

Yes. And the movement continues to grow more and more! The design of outdoor products, long reduced to its simplest form, is now taking over. Folding chairs have become trendy, along with other outdoor furniture. Who would've believed that! Dressed up, redesigned, modernized, it is now displayed as a real decorative "plus", on holiday as in our homes

Trend "Glamping"

Design has been refined and textiles have evolved, surfing on various trends. One of them, glamping (a contraction between camping and glamour) emphasizes noble materials. The tent becomes 100% comfortable and the campsite takes on a chic allure! It is with this state of mind that we are reissuing the very first collections of 'small folding' launched by the brand in the 1950s.

On the program, vegetable tanned leather, high resistance steel with a matte finish and, of course, 100% made in France. Called LISON, this collection, produced in partnership with Bleu de Chauffe, fits perfectly into the trend of new nomadism. Make way for aesthetics AND quality!

As we have just seen, the new generation of nomads has opted for sustainability. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, robustness remains our main concern. It starts with a rigorous selection of raw materials, most of the time sourced locally or in neighbouring countries. Our products are tested so that they can be used for years without any loss of comfort. The textiles are also chosen with particular care in order to resist both UV rays, humidity and various weather conditions. A guarantee of quality that we take to heart! On par with comfort, the look of the folding chairs has been completely redesigned. New nomads like to take them with them in their car, van, combi or caravan. This summer, let yourself be swayed by the breath of freedom: after the era of lockdown, the new nomadism should seduce you more than ever!