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When outdoor furniture invites itself into the living room

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Fixed sets have always been the norm in decoration: a place for everything, and everything in its place! A mantra that has evolved a lot lately with the trend of nomadism. The furniture today dances an uninterrupted waltz, going from the bedroom to the living room, passing through the terrace or even the kitchen. This new trend shakes up established codes and invites us to reinvent our interior. Direct consequence of this game of “musical chairs”, the outdoor furniture is now invited to the living room! Let's take a closer look at how to adopt the in & outdoor style at home.

The waltz of furniture

Gone are the days when every piece of furniture had a fixed place inside and outside the house. We all grew up with a more or less classic plan: a sofa and two armchairs in the living room, a table and chairs in the dining room, and garden furniture on the terrace. However, our homes, our way of consuming and our way of living have evolved in recent years, and more particularly since the lockdowns. Surfaces have shrunk, budgets are sometimes tight, and we are now keen to buy less but better. So many reasons that drive us to be ever more creative in our interior design.

Decoration has become more democratic, and we now have access to many sources of inspiration. In addition, the trend of nomadism has developed strongly: by spending more time at home, we naturally want to move the furniture from one room to another and change the decoration! They now move from room to room according to need: the footstool turns into a coffee table, the folding chair navigates from the dining table to the office, and the Pop Up chair from the terrace to the living room.

But why this waltz?

Primarily for reasons of economy and saving space. "Less is more", such is the leitmotif for the new generation of consumers that we are! It is in this same state of mind that we move our outdoor furniture to the living room once autumn arrives: certain models, designed for the terrace as well as for a living room, fit easily into a contemporary decoration. This duplication also eliminates the question of storage. Enough to succumb to the "in & out" without moderation!

Our choice of indoor & outdoor furniture

LAFUMA MOBILIER designers have always been keen to design furniture for both outdoor and indoor use. Big star of the "inside / outside", the Pop Up is a precursor in this area. This large and friendly armchair fits just as well in a living room as on a terrace thanks to its timeless design. Its additional advantage? A canvas that we change according to the desires and the seasons. Its little brother, the Sphinx, also has cocoon fabrics for indoor winters (Soft model) and summer fabrics that are both UV and humidity resistant.

If you're looking for a table instead, take a look at our Allure collection, whose design blends perfectly with all dining room styles. Once winter comes, the Ancône armchairs change, abandoning their pastel colours for muted tones (black, grey, beige, etc.) better suited to our interiors. Finally, our Cocoon coffee table and its cement pattern will hit the mark both on your terrace and in the middle of the living room. Let yourself be tempted.

Take good care of your furniture at the end of the summer

Once you have made your choice of furniture, it's time for maintenance. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, all our furniture is designed to last. This requires resistance to outdoor weather conditions, UV rays as well as intensive and prolonged use.

However, it is essential to clean them at the end of the summer: a cleaning that will allow you to better enjoy your furniture once installed in your living room. Don’t worry, it will only take you a few minutes!

Unlike plastic, which gets dirty easily (and requires a more hard work to clean), our furniture regains its full shine with a simple sponge and soap. Start by cleaning the metal structures with the soft side of the sponge so as not to scratch the metal. Continue with the seat, which you can clean according to the fabric: sponge and soapy water for the Batyline fabrics, machine wash for all the others. If a stain persists, the plant-based cloth and textiles stain remover can help you out. All you have to do is install the furniture at home, around the coffee table, and you're done!