What is a loggia, and how can you arrange it ?

What is a loggia, and how can you arrange it ?

A loggia is a real advantage in an apartment - this covered balcony can be transformed into a true living space. Discover our advice for arranging your loggia.

What is a loggia ?

A loggia is an covered outdoor space which is closed off with a glass partition. It is located upstairs, behind the main façade of the building. Sometimes called a gallery, lodge or closed balcony, the loggia is an unusual outdoor space, protected from bad weather by either windows or a large patio door. This is a true extension of the living area forming an opening in the exterior façade; it differs from a terrace or balcony which are open living areas.

Why arrange the loggia?

Halfway between a conservatory and a balcony, the loggia, often constructed as an extension to a living room or kitchen, offers an additional space filled with light, perfect for small apartments. It gives an impression of a larger size in small areas by allowing additional storage , and equally by creating a true living room. With its input of natural light and good thermal insulation, the loggia creates a perfect cocoon for creating a relaxation space.

Our ideas for setting up a loggia

Set up as a conservatory, it is very pleasant decorated with green plants, with an indoor rug and a relax armchair. Like verandas, loggias enjoy a good amount of sunshine. This atmosphere is perfect for creating an indoor forest with hanging pots and trendy terrariums. A matching group of table and chairs will be welcome to create a corner dining area for a couple.

The loggia can also act as a reading corner with a pretty bookcase on the wall, a lounge chair and one with a matching Side table. In a small apartment, the loggia can also serve as an office corner with a low profile desk.


Using small spaces can sometime be a challenge. Setting up a small space such as a loggia requires us to follow several rules to really get the benefit of each square metre.

To preserve its essence as a room which is open to the outside, it is crucial to not prevent the inflow of natural light. Good lighting gives the impression of space. To do this, forget about heavy furniture and choose some light wood floating wall shelves or furniture with clean lines.

When decorating the loggia, give proirity to light shades, such as pastels, which accentuates the light. To remove the uniformity of white walls which desperately lack character it is advisable to break it up with a more striking colour. Deep shades like like a midnight blue or a forest green will be highlighted in a bright room with clean lines. A terracotta ochre or a warmer curry yellow will enliven a living room. Also, in indoor architecture, the trick is to play with lines. Even in small rooms, it is possible to draw out the perspective and create vanishing points. For example, play with vertical lines by having a striped tapestry on an expanse of wall. Finally, to decorate and personalise the space, take care to bring in touches of light with an indirect source, a few candle holders and some coloured baskets used as magazine holders.

Furniture to use to arrange a loggia

In order to save space, it is possible to use some storage tricks. If the loggia is only used as a storeroom, clever use of furniture will be welcome. To enjoy a relaxing moment in the sun, set up a bench covered with cushions and a throw blanket in a corner or along the end wall, under which boxes can be stacked.

With loggias being minimalist spaces, take care not to overcrowd the space. Before organising the furniture, take into account the architecture. For a small area with a tall ceiling, a hanging chair or a swing seat will free up space on the ground while offering a very comfortable relaxing corner. A loggia set up as a corridor will look best with a pair of light chairs, such as the Butterfly chair, while in a square room, you can allow yourself a two-seater sofa. To maintain a sense of fluidity, opt for light furniture that is easy to move around. You should be able to move freely around tables and chairs.

Depending on your wants, or along with trends and the seasons, update your loggia easily by relying on portable chairs and armchairs, which are easy to stack and store. A designer chair with light, subtle curves will be welcome in this environment. Choose armchairs which have the advantage of being suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. On fine days, they are very practical for arranging a small balcony.