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NATIONALE 7: upcycled story

Modern furniture with a link to the past – timeless chairs restored by artisans in France

NATIONALE 7, known as The Holiday Route, is a nostalgic symbol of holiday bliss that takes travellers nearly 1,000 km from Paris to Menton in the South of France.

It’s also the road that connects Valérie Branchereau in the Paris region and Sandra Polianoff in Provence.
These two designers linked up with LAFUMA MOBILIER, a beloved French brand that specialises in outdoor furniture. We invented the metal framed rucksack made with metal tubing and canvas. And in 1954, we had the bright idea of using this concept to make comfortable furniture for the first leisure holidays. LAFUMA MOBILIER and NATIONALE 7 are teaming up to head out on a new adventure driven by shared values, environment commitments, respect and freedom.

Reusing, recycling, upcycling while innovating... LAFUMA MOBILIER, through NATIONALE 7, is taking action and creating with conviction and commitment a collection that respects the environment and constitutes a sustainable brand between past, present and future concerns.

By using original folding frames from the LAFUMA Bronze-Gold collection of the 50s to 70s, NATIONALE 7 offers unique chairs with the heritage and aura of the past. LAFUMA MOBILIER factories gave these frames a second life, repurposing waste, reducing energy consumption, optimising materials and resources, and using locally-made fabrics. No disposable materials with no meaning or history. Nationale 7 has recreated unique, sustainable chairs that are just as comfortable.


The first NATIONALE 7 collection is named for Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, at kilometre 990. It is both a name and a stopover on The Holiday Route.

NATIONALE 7 draws inspiration from Eileen Gray’s Villa E-1027 that overlooks this coast. It features two fabrics in two colours that evoke this jewel of modern architecture.

Two fabrics and two colours


A striking sketch that pays tribute to the free spirit and sensibility of Eileen Gray, a major figure in twentieth century design and architecture.

Two fabrics and two colours


A print that highlights iconic elements from the famous Villa E-1027 in colours evoking the Mediterranean and the setting sun.

NATIONALE 7 is a modern furniture collection with links to the past. It is timeless pieces restored by French artisans. It is a trip to the past that maps the way to the aesthetics of the future.

To make this collection, we upcycled the chairs completely by hand at our facility in Anneyron in the Drôme department (which is on the Nationale 7 route, of course).

Communication – 1969

Modern furniture

with links to the past

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