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100% Polypropylene Hegoa Gris

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MARSANNE rugs bring a touch of modernity and freshness to your terrace, poolside and dining area. Placed wherever’s they’re right for you, they enhance both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

These rugs are perfectly UV-resistant, insensitive to moisture and easy to clean with water.On the decoration side, you’ll love their neat finishes, plain colours and geometric patterns that are sure to cause a sensation. Stylish and practical, they blend in effortlessly with your furniture.

Winning features:
- Indoor/outdoor use
- Excellent UV-resistance
- Easy care and cleaning
- Right for underfloor heating
- 3 plain colours / 2 graphic pattern colours
- Made in Europe.

Main détails:
100% polypropylene
- Outdoor quality
Superior quality 1.2kg/m2

Technical information

Product Details


Height (opened - in cm) NA

Width (opened - in cm) 160

Depth (opened - in cm) 230

Net weight (in kg) 3,9