CAMPING TABLE Arizona Layered Carbon LFM2208_4256

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Fabrication Française

The “Origine Française Garantie” label (“Guaranteed Made in France”) is the only label which certifies a product’s French origins. At Lafuma Mobilier, products are designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Anneyron.
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Its technical assets:

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Steel
  • Diameter 20
  • UV protection
  • Heat resistant to 140°C
  • Waterproof
  • Black frame

Detailed description:

This is one of the largest folding tables in the camping range: Arizona can seat up to six people! Take it anywhere - the adjustable telescopic legs can cope with uneven terrain to provide a perfectly level tabletop at mealtimes. Sturdy, easy to use and carry around, it will become the essential item to take camping.

Its advantages:
- The four independently-adjustable, foldable telescopic legs made from elastomere, equipped with safety clip. They allow the tabletop to be horizontal, whatever the terrain.
- The thickness of the lacquered steel tubing legs, they are sturdy and rigid with good resistance to the elements.
- The particularly strong monobloc tabletop, designed to resist heat (maximum temperature 140°C), UV exposure, moisture and scratches... It is very easy to clean with an anti-impact raised edge.
- Compactness when folded makes carrying and storage easy.

Main details:
Steel tubing frame, diameter 25 mm
Closed dimensions L/H/D: 68,5 cm / 115 cm / 5 cm
Open dimensions L/H/D: 115 x 68,5 cm / 59,5 à 73,5 cm
Unit weight: 9.70 kg