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Create a chic and cosy dining space


Sea, sand and sun. What a joy to take advantage of the summer temperatures after months of confinement and cold! The beautiful season invites us to go outside to relax, but also to enjoy our meals under the blue sky. The opportunity for LAFUMA MOBILIER to sit by your side! On the menu: our advice and tips to create a chic and cosy dining space. Dining trends let’s go!

Outdoor dining: spotlight on the trends

Do you dream of a chic and cosy dining space to welcome your guests? Nothing easier than that! Before moving on to the practical aspects, let's take a closer look at the current trends. When it comes to outdoor furniture, there are colours and materials that are more or less popular depending on the year. The LAFUMA MOBILIER Design and Style office has identified many of them, starting with the iodine tones. Blue inspired by the lakes, grey-green, pebble grey ... A palette that we have used on our Natura seats, perfect for outdoor meals. In another style, discover our Ancone table and chair set, with their beautiful mineral colours. This palette of neutral tones is one of the dining trends of the moment that has won over us! Gone are the aggressive colours, replaced by beige, grey and water green. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, our heart definitely leans towards timelessness. Our preference is for organic designs and muted tones, which we never tire of over the years!



In terms of materials, we have opted on robustness. After being the dominant material for decades, plastic is finally giving way to sustainable materials. A return to basics that we feel is essential at a time when ecology is becoming a priority for everyone.

Our pro tips for a chic and cosy dining area

You are now up to date with the dining trends of the moment. After the theory, it's time for practice! At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have experience in outdoor furnishing. This is why we have prepared a selection of the best tips for creating a chic and cosy dining space. We are convinced that your guests will appreciate the dinner once your decoration is finalized!

  • Choose a suitable table: To set up a dining area, you need to choose the appropriate furniture. The dining table, the centrepiece of your dining space, must be large enough to accommodate everyone during your future lunches and dinners outdoors. But you also need to be able to move around freely ... Therefore, no more XXL tables if your outdoor space is small or medium. Make way for extensions, which turn out to be the ideal compromise for the terrace! These allow you to keep a classic format for daily meals. You just have to enlarge it when you receive your guests and you're done! LAFUMA MOBILIER has designed a table that can accommodate up to 10 guests thanks to its clever extension. Its eco-designed, practical and discreet sliding system allows you to expand it according to your needs. And presto, all you have to do is cook up a nice dish!

  • Build on sustainability: During summer and winter, outdoor furniture is subject to many climatic conditions. Rain, frost and UV rays damage your table and chairs at high speed. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for resistant materials, which require less daily maintenance.



Our teams have designed a dining set with an aluminium base. Our Ancone tables have a compact HPL top which does not require any special maintenance. A simple swipe with a soapy sponge is enough to clean it!

Discover the ancône tables
  • Think about the lighting! What could be more chic and cosy than beautiful lighting around your dining space? To properly illuminate your outdoor dinners without overwhelming your guests, it is necessary to multiply the sources of light. The aim? Evenly illuminating your outdoor space. Your guests will enjoy their meal in a soft atmosphere suitable for enjoying a good dinner. For this, we recommend central lighting (lamppost, light garlands, etc.) coupled with auxiliary lighting placed on your table. Candles, tealights and table lamps will be your best allies!

  • Provide storage space: To keep essentials close at hand, consider arranging one or more storage spaces on your patio. This tip will save you a lot of trips back and forth between the table and the kitchen! Whether it is chests, shelves or a piece of furniture with built-in cupboards, it is more comfortable to store the essentials near the dining table. This way, you will have your tableware, crockery and cutlery at your disposal.

  • Set up a mini kitchen space: If your outdoor area is large enough, why not create a space dedicated to preparing meals? This trick is not that difficult to implement. Simply place a module with storage or shelves on your terrace: this will allow you to install a plancha or a portable barbecue, but also to store your dishes and various utensils. There are even nomadic mini kitchens, perfect for accompanying you on your outdoor meals!

  • Protect yourself from the sun: The last tip for arranging your dining area is protection against UV rays. For a comfortable lunch, there is nothing like a sunshade, pergola or shade cloth. These will effectively protect you from the sun while offering you a welcome spot of shade. Enjoy your meal everyone!