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Know-How SAGA

The Assembly Workshop in our Drôme factory

Made in France

Since 1954, our outdoor furniture has been inspired, designed and manufactured in the Drôme region with the aim of providing sustainable products.

Our French know-how

Come and discover our production line behind the scenes, while getting to know our know-how and expertise. In the LAFUMA MOBILIER family, we present you the Tube Workshop! This is a way to bring you to the heart of our Drôme region production facility, and especially to get to knowthe men and women who make up LAFUMA MOBILIER.

At the heart of product assembly

Our teams in the Anneyron Assembly Workshop are responsible for joining the metal structure and the fabric by assembling all the components, which is an essential step! Every day, they witness the creation of our products. Structures, fabrics, armrests, headrests and plastic parts are the many elements that pass through their hands to offer you a finished product with a 5-year guarantee and Made in France. Today, the department is made up of about thirty employees.

Two thirds of the workshop area are dedicated to the assembly of the Relax and the Transat, as these are the two main product families that leave our workshops. The remaining part is flexible and allows us to assemble smaller series: Pop Up, Transabed, Bayanne collection... Each assembly unit is called an island.

Ergonomics at work

All the workstations have been arranged at man-height to ensure greater comfort and ergonomics at work, but also to reduce the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). For example, the plastic parts coming from our subsidiary located in the Ain department are heated beforehand to facilitate their integration on the metal structure.

Every year, 700,000 finished products leave our factory, including more than 310,000 Relax Zero Gravity and 200.000 Transats! In the high season, almost 1500 Relax and 1500 Maxi Transat daily leave the assembly workshop.

Four people work in pairs on each Relax island. The first two take care of the canvas assembly, where synchronisation and coordination are essential. Whether the canvas is clipped or laced, each person has their own style and comfort, a soft seat for the lace versus a firmer seat for the patented clips. The next pair of workers assemble the two parts of the chair and the armrests, then pack the finished product in a box that is labelled, wrapped and palleted. In order to facilitate the handling of the packed products, "pallet lifts" have been installed to allow palletising at man's height. As the pallet is filled, it is "lowered" into a pit so that it remains at ground level and the cartons can be deposited without having to carry them at arm's length. Once loaded, the pallet rises out of the pit to be wrapped and removed by a forklift operator.

The Transat island is designed for six operators who - thanks to the shrink fit system - slip the canvas onto the structure, attach the four-position safety racks, add the glides, attach the labels... A machine has been specially designed for this island. Semi-automated, it optimises the packaging: gluing and folding the boxes, packing in pairs, wrapping and palletising. It sounds simple, but it is quite complex and captivating!

During the peak of the season, seven full trailers leave the factory every day and shuttle to our logistics warehouse in Saint-Rambert-d'Albon, located 5km from the factory. From this point on, our products are available to accompany you during all your moments of relaxation and take their place in your garden or your home! It's up to you to decide whether you would like to have your order delivered directly from our factory by ordering on our website or whether you would prefer to find our products in one of the many shops that distribute them in order to test their comfort.

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