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Know-How SAGA

Our Drôme region factory Sewing Workshop

Made in France

Since 1954, our outdoor furniture has been inspired, designed and manufactured in the Drôme region with the aim of providing sustainable products.

Our French know-how

Come and discover our production line behind the scenes, while getting to know our know-how and expertise. In the LAFUMA MOBILIER family, we present you the Sewing Workshop! This is a way to bring you to the heart of our Drôme region production facility, and especially to get to knowthe men and women who make up LAFUMA MOBILIER.

At the heart of fabric design

The daily life of our seamstresses consists of rigour, precision and accuracy. True fairy fingers for fabrics with exceptional comfort.

We are proud to have succeeded in keeping our sewing lines on our historical site in France. This is a major asset that guarantees us top quality results!

Sewing Workshop


Brigitte joined our company 42 years ago and has had many different responsibilities! Today, she creates our fabrics with meticulous care and also trains two other employees.

The sewing workshop is divided into different areas. In our factory in the Drôme department, we have an automated sewing line for clips (quilted fabric or Batyline) and eyelets (Batyline and Polycotton). We also have a line for more specific products. Our seamstresses manufacture the PRIVILEGE collection and complex fabrics.

Did you enjoy your visit to the sewing workshop? We'll take you soon to the assembly workshop.