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Know-How SAGA

The Design Office in our Drôme factory

Made in France

Since 1954, our outdoor furniture has been inspired, designed and manufactured in the Drôme region with the aim of providing sustainable products.

Our French know-how

Come and discover our production line behind the scenes, while getting to know our know-how and expertise. In the LAFUMA MOBILIER family, we present you the Design Office! This is a way to bring you to the heart of our Drôme region production facility, and especially to get to know the men and women who make up LAFUMA MOBILIER.

At the heart of product design

Under the guise of simple products, our designers, engineers and technicians work every day to bring you well-thought out, innovative outdoor furniture.

  • Baptiste imagines and designs products as well as future collections,

  • Corrado coordinates production within the Design Office.

  • Martine created the prototypes. In 2019, after 40 years of service, she handed over her job to Murielle and is now enjoying her retirement with her grandchildren.

The Design Office is at the heart of development of the collections for future years. The team is made up of eight people under the management of the Marketing and Collections Director: a design and style director, a product manager, a responsible for consumer analysis and product development, a development manager, a Design Office manager, a designer/prototype creator and a prototype assistant. The whole of the R&D team is spread over two departments within the Rhône-Alpes region: at the historic site in Anneyron (Drôme) and at the Balmay plastic injection subsidiary (Ain).

We wanted to place the Design Office at the centre of all services. In fact, it represents a mini factory with all of the manufacturing departments. It is dedicated to designing prototypes and to creating and improving continually at the heart of eco-design. It is continually designing and producing new collections and patenting its innovations. 

Ancône, Cocoon, Bayanne or Sphinx show LAFUMA MOBILIER as a major player in the world of design.

Did you enjoy this visit to the Design Office? Once the prototype is confirmed, it is industrialised in order to be produced in large quantities. The manufacturing process begins in the tube workshop.