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A daring, functional, generous and easy to live with vision of design, all to be found in our dedicated space at the BHV MARAIS.

LAFUMA MOBILIER has arrived at the famous "Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville"

Until 30 June 2020, LAFUMA MOBILIER has a spot in this emblematic place, with its new pop-up store. It’s the opportunity to come to the 2nd floor of the Parisian shop and discover our collections manufactured in the Drôme region!

As a subtle mix of Bauhaus and French Chic influences, our creations are the perfect combination of comfort, style and quality. A daring, functional, generous and easy to live with vision of design, all to be found in our dedicated space at the BHV MARAIS.

The BHV MARAIS - an unmissable place for shopping and browsing

Also known as its full name of the Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville, the BHV MARAIS is located in the most visited trendy and cultural district in Paris, near to Notre-Dame. It is the top department store in the capital. For the last 160 years, this celebrated place has displayed the latest trending brands over an area of 45 000 m². A building with an imposing dome which today has become its symbol.

In 2013, the building was renovated and with a name change, became “Le BHV MARAIS“. One of the biggest lifestyle shops in Paris, where one can find a diversity of styles and products under one roof. In fact, 900 brands are present there with a wide range of products, ranging from fashion to DIY, to items for the home or even for restaurants.

From the 2nd to the 6th floor, you find areas completely devoted to the home. Various new brands are setting up every day next to the LAFUMA MOBILIER pop-up store. A visit to the BHV is also a chance to enjoy one of the best views in Paris.


Spotlight on our new OPALE collection

OPALE, a collection with a unique, timeless design, presented in an elegant “Kaolin white “. The white metal frame showcases the mineral and pastel tones of the fabrics, designed by the LAFUMA MOBILIER stylists. This premium collection offers unrivalled comfort with its innovative Indoor/Outdoor padded seats. These products with clean lines and quality materials will look as good in your living room as outside on your patio.

Beyond expertise and technicity, LAFUMA MOBILIER’s approach is also defined by excellence in knowledge and a focus on details. This is shown in its new ANCÔNE dining collection, whose stackable chairs are a collaboration with the Swiss designers BIG-GAME.

Table with minimalist but strong design, it fits perfectly with summer decor. From a lunch in the sunshine, or eating late into a mild summer evening…

The ANCÔNE collection is there for you in those special moments, with family, friends, when time slows down. A generously proportioned table which can seat up to eight, and which is also easy to fold up and store.

To match your furniture, LAFUMA MOBILIER has designed a range of accessories which are as useful as they are decorative in a palette which tones well with pastels, natural and strong colours. Steel rectangular or 5-sided trays, cushions with removable covers, serviettes and even a graphic rug work well in either an interior or outdoor setting.

Find at the BHV Marais...

Timeless, essential best-sellers

Bring a touch of colour to your exterior space and let yourself be captivated by the EOLE Transat and Transabed made in the Drôme region. They will bring a breath of fresh air to your garden. For a colourful touch, decorate your exterior space with EOLE cushions which will match perfectly with your Transat chair or liven up your decor. Inspired by the famous Argentinian butterfly chair, the LAFUMA MOBILIER Pop Up lounge chairs are both chic and timeless ! Thanks to their lightness as well as their clever umbrella-style folding you can take with you wherever you go - from your living room, to the balcony or even to the park. As practical as they are good-looking, they are available in a range of fabrics and colours, so everyone can love them. As a subtle combination of comfort and style, LAFUMA MOBILIER invites you to relax.

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