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LAFUMA MOBILIER partner of the French Pavilion at the Dubai Universal Exhibition

Events & Meetings

The Dubai Universal Exhibition is happy to count LAFUMA MOBILIER as a sponsor of the French Pavilion. From October 2021 to March 2022, our furniture will be installed on the terrace of the Belvedere of the French Pavilion, and more particularly in the restaurant.

LAFUMA MOBILIER French creator and manufacturer

The HORIZON collection intended for restaurant professionals and designed by BIG-GAME, reflecting the French lifestyle, means visitors to the French Pavilion will be welcomed in comfort.

A French creator and manufacturer since 1954, LAFUMA MOBILIER is the exemplary brand for metal and textile furniture. Design, comfort and durability are the values common to all our creations, intended for private individuals and professionals. They embody an in-/outdoor lifestyle influenced by the Bauhaus style and French Chic!

Every year, more than 700,000 products leave our Anneyron workshops in the department Drôme, most of which are labelled OFG (French Origin Guaranteed). The know-how of LAFUMA MOBILIER in working with metal tube and stretched fabrics has been recognised by the state label "Living Heritage Companies", which distinguishes French firms with excellent industrial know-how. In addition to our history, territorial anchorage and local or European sourcing, we are committed to durability, eco-design and repairability. Through regular investments in its two French production sites, we have a modern industrial tool that lets us remain viable on the competitive market for outdoor furniture. The brand is also very present internationally, where it makes more than 50% of its turnover.

"LAFUMA MOBILIER is a thoroughly French brand by its history, industrial know-how and the lifestyle it embodies."

Arnaud du Mesnil, General Director of LAFUMA MOBILIER

The Dubai Universal Exhibition

The first universal exhibition organised in the MEASA region (Middle East, Africa and South Asia), the Dubai Expo 2021 has the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". Bringing together more than 200 participants from various horizons – countries, organisations, companies and academic establishments – the Dubai Expo 2021 expects 25 million visitors.

Universal Exhibitions have always been classed along with the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup in the top rank of the great international events. They are also one of the oldest events, with the first being the Great Exhibition of London, in the UK in 1851.

The aims of these exhibitions have now evolved towards international cooperation and the search for solutions to humanity's main challenges. For six months, all countries of the world will join in thinking, proposing and implementing concrete solutions in the service of humanity. With the public health crisis we are experiencing, this theme is now more than a proposal, it is an essential.

In Dubai, the French Pavilion will have the challenge of promoting French talents, ideas and assets, and the aim of positioning France as an international driver in the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs), and in shaping the world in the post-crisis period. With its strong presence in this international event, which will be the largest meeting of 2021, the French Pavilion will contribute to relaunching the French economy. This international gathering is a unique opportunity for companies to rebound economically, by creating new perspectives of development and by speeding up the conquest of new markets.

The French Exhibitions Company (COFREX)

Founded in January 2018, COFREX aims to prepare, organise and implement the participation of France in universal and international exhibitions. The creation of COFREX is part of a long-term project that will enable us to draw on the experience of previous exhibitions in order to organise France's future participation in universal and international exhibitions in the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost. It uses partnership between public and private actors, based on the image and appeal of France.

"It pleases me to count LAFUMA MOBILIER, an iconic French brand displaying French industrial know-how, behind the French Pavilion and I thank this sponsor for its confidence in this international project."

Erik Linquier, chief commissioner of France for the Dubai universal exhibition and President of COFREX


For more info: www.lafuma-mobilier.com & www.francedubai2020.com