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LAFUMA MOBILIER is contributing to the relaxation of health care workers

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French designer and manufacturer known for comfort, the brand is proud to have offered its widespread support, while remaining connected to its knowledge and mission.

Well-being at the heart of our concerns

On Monday, 23 March 2020, a few days after the start of the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, LAFUMA MOBILIER donated some RELAX armchairs in connection with the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France (Hospital Foundation of France). That day, four hospitals in the Lyon region each received 25 of them. In the following weeks, other chairs were sent to the hospitals in Montélimar, Grenoble, Argenteuil, Cochin Paris 14th, Bordeaux, Toulouse...which benefitted from similar donations.

"To help hospital personnel to allow them to rest during these difficult times, we have made donations of RELAX Vital armchairs to various hospitals in our region", explains Arnaud Du Mesnil, the managing director of LAFUMA MOBILIER. "It seemed natural to us to participate, and it made sense for the company and all our employees as every day we produce armchairs for professional use such as healthcare."

This action seemed obvious as for over 60 years we have offered products promoting comfort, and on the strength of our experience, we currently offer collections dedicated to professionals and designed to meet the requirements of health and well-being environments.

An armchair specially designed for the hospital environment

With the significant evolution of the epidemic, LAFUMA MOBILIER participated in the national effort by offering to various healthcare workers an armchair designed for relaxation in the hospital itself, carrying the Guarantee of French Origin label (OFG).

With a breathable 4cm clippable seat pad, effective against bacteria and classified inflammable, the VITAL relaxation chair also has the famous Zero Gravity, position, promoting recuperation, disconnection and muscular relaxation. The "must have" for professional use with its adjustable and removable headrest cushion, and ergonomic backrest and armrests.

They are already currently being used in the healthcare domain, notably in reflexology. In fact, they are particularly suitable for this practice, as numerous professional reflexologists support the use of our armchair over a massage table because of its unrivalled comfort.

From local steps to an international movement

A brand strongly rooted in Europe, LAFUMA MOBILIER works in France and beyond its borders to respond to a situation that also affects our European neighbours. For example, the Covid-19 units for the University Hospital Saint-Pierre in Brussels (Belgium), the Lucerne Hospital (Switzerland), the four Lombardy hospitals (Italy) and a hospital in the Saar region (Germany) have also benefitted from the VITAL Relax chairs.

"Thanks again on behalf of caregivers for this help - lack of equipment makes us stressed but little gestures warm the heart and help us to go on."

Intensive care doctor, University Hospital Lyon, Edouard Herriot Hospital

”We have been very touched by your gesture. Thank you from my colleagues, especially the night shift, who will be able to relax very comfortably “

Nurse from the COVID-19 unit in the Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhône Hospital


“Comfort is our trade, good sense is in our nature and well-being is our mission.”

The President of the Republic is anxious to thank LAFUMA MOBILIER, in the same way as all of the companies involved. To hear the interview with Arnaud Du Mesnil, Managing Director of LAFUMA MOBILIER: tweet from Emmanuel Macron.